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4MAT Activity: Team Visioning Session

A departmental team begins an annual strategic planning session by completing a “Team Visioning” session. Team members are invited to reflect on how they can contribute fully to the vision process by completing a series of three statements:

  • The value of my perspective lies in…
  • My vision is…
  • My biggest hope for this process is…

Each team member then creates a visual collage which represents his or her responses to the statements. The group begins the planning session with each team member explaining his or her collage.


Focus: Visual processing exercise designed to encourage personal reflection and elicit sharing in partner and group exercises.


  1. Develop the statements to be completed by learners as they develop their collage. See examples of prompt statements mentioned earlier.
  2. Instruct learners to use the materials provided to create visual representations of their personal responses to the prompt.
  3. Invite learners to form small groups to share their collages.

Trainer Script:
“To encourage reflection, I am going to invite you to reflect upon the following: <share question or prompt>. On the table in the back of the room, you will find images and the necessary tools needed to create a visual representation of your reflections. Your task is to create a visual collage that you will use to share your insights with the group.”

Resources Needed:

  • Magazines with colorful images and interesting headlines
  • Poster boards or personal journals
  • Scissors
  • Glue sticks


4MAT Interview with Sheryl Holladay of Aveda Services Northwest

Meet Sheryl Holladay. Sheryl is the Executive Director of Salon/Spa Development  for Aveda Services Northwest. In her role, Sheryl uses 4MAT to coach, train and develop her sales team to support the business growth of the salon/spa customers they serve (with impressive results showing up).

What have you discovered lately that has positively impacted the results you are creating using 4MAT?
I am coaching more than I ever have before.  I had my entire team create vision boards in one of our meetings … it is powerful for them to really have a pulse on their desires and for me to know what those goals and desires are.  I have had them bring the boards back for an update and it is so amazing how much they have already achieved and some have made a second one. Visualization has been my driving tool this year.

What are you working on? How are you using 4MAT in this work?
I use 4MAT in all the meeting preparation I do and now I have incorporated it into my thinking about problems and strategy.  How will I connect to the issue, what steps are necessary to address my topic, how can I get people to DO something and finally can we make it bigger and can we track results?  That’s the process I use in my mind as I am in the planning mode.  I am passionate about my work in developing talent of my team, as well as, helping salons develop their teams.  I am often asked to speak to salon teams … I use 4MAT for all my planning.  It helps me strategize and plan.

What’s your favorite quote? Why?
“Life is a mirror and will reflect back to the thinker what he thinks into it.” We become our thoughts.

 What are you consuming (eating, reading, buying, taking in) these days?
I’m consuming lots of organic foods these days. I am about 90% organic while at home…it’s harder to do while traveling.  I am consuming very little these days in the way of “stuff”, my mantra has been to become lean, both my body and my belongings.  I moved a few years ago into a much smaller home, it’s amazing how little I actually need, I went from a huge walk-in closet (that I filled up) to a much smaller one, it is comforting to know I don’t “need” things.  I buy much higher quality items and fewer of them.

I am taking in lots of music these days, I’m getting away from talking on the phone the entire time I am in the car to actually listening to music again.  I have made it a habit to go back to the “good old days” when I used to buy albums … now I download music once a month faithfully.  I use Pandora and Shizam to find new music … I’m listening to Cake and Lady Antebellum right now.

What do you think that we all should be paying more attention to?
Art – I saw a very cool saying on Pinterest: “The earth without ART is just Eh.”  For me, it’s about finding beauty as I am driving, taking lots of pictures and compiling beauty albums that I can use to paint, draw or frame.  I drive a lot in my role and I live in one of the most beautiful areas of the world…Northern California, so I am paying attention to everyday beauty and interesting people.

The Olympics – I love to watch champions strive for excellence … it is so inspiring!

What’s rocking your world today?
Love – I know it sounds corny, but I am in love and it has been a very long time since I have known this amazing emotion.  Having someone that loves me and that I love and adore is truly empowering.  I have been single so long that I developed an internal belief that I can do it all alone … I am strong, self sufficient and can take on the world.  It is so interesting to know that I am all that AND can be vulnerable too … WOW! Vulnerability is so strong to me now.