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4MAT Interview with Julia Watt, Corporate Cosmetic Sales Director, Dillard’s

What have you discovered lately that has positively impacted the results you are creating through the learning experiences you design?
The idea of “begin with the end in mind” has become my compass for education and conversations.  By being crystal clear on the outcome the learner wants to see, and the outcome I want to see, we are able to move much more effectively through the learning cycle.

What are you working on? How are you using 4MAT in this work?  
Our “big rocks!” Each of our managers have identified an area of their business where measurable improvement will elevate our guests’ experience … and … our business! By going narrow, yet deep in one area, we are identifying the belief (4MAT Engage step), knowledge (4MAT Share step), skills (4MAT Practice step), and refinement (4MAT Perform step) needed to move the needle. We are using 4MAT through all communication avenues … huddles, meetings, one-to-ones, education, leadership. 4MAT causes us to ask four questions about the “big rock”: Why is this rock important to our business? What do we know for sure? How will we make it work? And what is the commitment we want to celebrate?

What’s your favorite quote? Why?
Oh my, the hardest question of all! I do love quotes! While my favorite can change throughout the day, here is one that speaks to the urgency of my life: “I get up every morning determined both to change the world and to have one hell of a good time. Sometimes this makes planning the day difficult.” ~E.B.White

What are you consuming (eating, reading, buying, taking in) these days? 
Food consumption = A salad and Chick-fil-a sweet iced tea, almost every day of my life! Reading = The Advantage, by Patrick Lencioni. He has a wonderful perspective on the ability of healthy organizations to unify management, operations and culture.

What do you think that we should be paying more attention to? 
Is there trust?  If so, the rest is a walk in the park.

Leading and Coaching from the Inside Out

Look around and you’ll notice most brands communicate from the outside in: they define themselves in terms of what they do.

Look closely at brands that inspire you and inspire your loyalty, and you will likely find that they communicate in quite the opposite way: from the inside out. They speak in terms of “why.” Truly inspiring companies invest much more of their time communicating their “why,” and much less on their “what” and “how.” The recently popular MAC vs PC ads are a great example of the difference in selling “why” we do what we do versus “what” we do.

A powerful “why” is the catalyst to action. A problem that many businesses face is having a “how” and “what,” but no clear “why.” The “how” is the action taken to produce something and the “what” is the product we offer, the result of our action. Without a clear sense of “why” the “how” and “what” are often unclear and uninspiring.

On a personal level, this would be like saying you plan to write a best-selling book (the “how”) in order to gain fame and fortune (the “what”) but you have no idea what to write about or what you want to say—a total absence of “why.” A clear and compelling “why” is an essential ingredient to successful action.

Think about this in terms of leading and coaching others. Sharing “what I need you to do” and “how I would like you to do it” and “if this happens, be prepared to …” may be enough to equip others to act. But, to inspire others to act, you have to facilitate a conversation around the “Why.”

We follow leaders who start with “Why.”

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