What is 4MAT?

The 4MAT Model is a framework for understanding the way organizations learn, grow and evolve. 4MAT provides a common language for understanding the way individuals and groups move through the process of experiencing, assimilating, acting upon and integrating knowledge.

The core purpose of any organization is to create and deliver value. At every level, an organization must address four essential learning functions:

  • Establishing meaning
  • Structuring and defining the work
  • Initiating and monitoring action/operations
  • Continuous improvement/renewal

These four functions are represented in the four quadrants of the 4MAT Learning Cycle.

4MAT Learning Styles

What do we do?
4MAT 4Business
is a performance improvement company that provides training and tools for leaders, managers, instructional designers, and trainers on how to effectively communicate, lead, train, and coach using the award-winning 4MAT Learning and Leadership Model.

  • We provide businesses with the tools, training and consulting that help leaders understand how people learn. And when everyone understands, collaboration and productivity soar.
  • We offer resources for trainers that show you how to incorporate effective learning in individual, team and organizational processes.
  • We give you tools for development — the framework to make your team a success.

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Why does it matter?

4MAT is one of the most widely used instructional formats in the world, with years of proven success in both corporate and learning institutions. 4MAT teaches how to identify the styles of learning using the Learning Type Measure (LTM), and implement the best methods to reach those types. Our learning style based training programs show you how to work most effectively with all types of learners.

Learning is the core process that drives innovation and sustainable growth. We help people and organizations learn faster and work smarter.