5 Ideas for Interactive Lecture

In an earlier post, we explored the importance of breaking lecture into smaller segments. I promised to share some ideas on how to do this and here are 5 easy-to-adapt lecture strategies:

Summarize key points

Stop periodically and encourage learners to choose 2-3 key points from the content shared. Ask learners to stand up and partner up with two other learners. Ask each learner to share their key points in their triad. Allow time for triads to share their key points with the larger group.

Big Questions

After introducing the content, ask learners to respond to the following question, “What one question would you like to explore related to this content?” Have participants share their questions in table groups. Encourage each table group to share their “biggest” question. Post the question on a flip chart and reference questions as they are answered throughout the lecture.

Putting into Practice

Pause periodically throughout the lecture and allow learners the opportunity to share how they might apply what has been learned. Allow time for individual reflection by encouraging learners to answer the question, “What ideas do you have for applying this information for immediate benefit?” After individual reflection, ask participants to share answers in partners or groups.

Idea mapping

Introduce the concept of mindmapping. Ask participants to map the major ideas shared throughout the lecture and be prepared to share their maps with fellow learners. Pause periodically throughout lecture and group learners to combine their individual maps into a group idea map. Encourage groups to share their maps. Post idea maps for viewing and reference throughout the course.

QA Recap

Pause throughout lecture and encourage participants to generate 2-3 “quiz” questions related to the content being explored. You can provide index cards for learners to write the question on one side and the answer on the other. Collect the cards and use for a review quiz, upon completion of lecture.

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