Cool People Doing Great Things with 4MAT – Heidi Matthews, Regional Employee Development Manager at Grundfos


What are you working on? How are you using 4MAT in this work?
I am working on a flipped classroom concept for our presentations training for employees. 4MAT comes into play in an overarching structural way. An engaging opening eLearning piece that lays out the program and gets input from students, followed by software video training for some PPT content. The students will meet in a virtual classroom to show their practiced slides they have created for critique. The course will continue in that same flow until the final presentation is loaded into an internal share site for class and invited guest feedback.

What have you discovered lately that has positively impacted the results you are creating through the learning experiences you design?
We are trying to discover what makes people “click.” Part of the engagement is getting them to invest in their own learning to begin with so how can we entice them to do that? It is still audience focus, just a different spin.

What are you consuming these days? (content, books, new food, music, art)
Art books geared toward sketch noting and doodling. Rachel Maddow’s Drift is on my nightstand and Half the Sky by Nicholas Kristof and Sheryl WuDunn read by Cassandra Campbell on my iPod. My girls have introduced me to Macklemore—that Thrift Store song and Same Love are tunes that stick in my head. Pizza from different places to compare them has been on the menu a lot.

What’s your favorite quote? Why?
“May you feel God’s presence surround you during this day and with each inhale, be filled with peace.” Tracy Hemsath (a personal friend). It is on a sticky note on my computer and helps me be calm and focus.

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