From ENGAGE: How Question Create “Movement”

A masterful facilitator appears to guide the group effortlessly toward the desired insight or outcome. He or she creates movement in the group by asking the questions that guide the thinking of the group. In ENGAGE, the first part of the 4MAT cycle, the training method used is dialogue. Questions are the primary tool used to guide learners through this part of the learning cycle.

The way the facilitator phrases or “frames” a question will determine the possible set of answers that might emerge from that question. For example, the closed-ended question, “Do you like the color blue?” opens up two possibilities: yes or no. The open-ended question, “What is your favorite shade of blue?” opens up many possible answers, including sky blue, baby blue, neon blue, cobalt blue, etc.

Source: Engage, The Trainer’s Guide to Learning Styles (Wiley 2012)

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