What makes great trainers great?

What makes a trainer great? Are they excellent at every role a trainer plays:  facilitator, presenter, coach and evaluator? In observing many trainers and teachers, it is obvious that even the best have weaknesses. Sometimes they explain things poorly. Or, sometimes they tend to answer their own questions rather than waiting for responses. Or, their organization could use some help. What differentiates great trainers from mediocre ones is an awareness of their strengths and how to capitalize on them. And, most importantly, the ability to apply those strengths to weaker areas to achieve a “threshold” level of ability in the essential training skills.

If you want to create a team of transformative trainers or you yourself are on a mission to make an impact, worry less about every weakness and focus your energy on applying strengths to leading the four critical parts of the learning cycle.

Some ideas:

  • Discover your strengths. You can begin with the online Training Style Inventory.
  • Practice applying your strengths in new contexts to deepen and broaden the ability.
  • Notice what others do well. Model their ability through the lens of your own strengths.

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