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 4MAT® Testimonials

"4MAT is the most effective training design process I’ve ever used ... The 4MAT structure helps me design learning experiences that engage all kinds of learners in their comfort zones and stretch them into areas they might not otherwise go. My designs have definitely moved to the next level ..."
“4MAT gave us a common language and frame for being equally adept at designing both the 'know how' and 'how to' of leadership development. In fact, an epiphany that many of us have had with all of our experience, education and training is that activity doesn’t necessarily equal application.”
"... 4MAT has given us a simple and effective tool to design our training. The active use of learning styles has made participant participation very strong. Our main target group is classes with mixed cultures and ... 4MAT had been one of the reasons we are able to reach all participants, despite cultural differences."
“4MAT (is) … a consistent framework for curriculum design that engages every learning style - so each learner becomes an active participant and connects with the information in a meaningful way. The result is a dynamic learning environment that allows learners to not just absorb information, but interact with it and apply it immediately, with the ultimate goal of helping them reach their professional and
personal potential."
"... The 4MAT methodology is fantastic and has really enhanced our team's effectiveness. What's more, it just makes sense. [Jeanine is] great at stand-up facilitation and has the unique ability to connect on a personal level to each person. I would highly recommend using 4MAT."
"The 4MAT Trainer Certification Week was an exciting and mind-stretching three days. It reinforced what I have learned from my 25 years in the training field, taking me to a deeper level of understanding of how good design drives behavior change. The 4MAT model provides an easy-to-use roadmap for incorporating learning styles into training design. It is the best program I have seen for designing learner-based training."
"... The 4MAT sessions were run very professionally .. and showed me the power of running on-line training workshops, as well as, the excellent content regarding 4MAT. It was a fun way to learn with the other CCL trainers and develop a common language for training programme design."
“As you start practicing [4MAT], you can very quickly sense the difference when you are more ‘full circle’ rather than ‘what how,' as we used to be. You can see that it gives results. Your own motivation grows very fast.”